Project vividbooks aims to make Science studies easier for children through augmented reality. Teachers print worksheets
through the app and hand them out to students. Students then use a tablet and aim at the worksheet symbols which transform into moving interactive images. Users then redraw the learned content and confirm their understanding of the topic. Students then always keep their filled worksheets and create a science textbook of their own. A complete 7th grade science book is available for free. It contains 47 animations copying the standardised education plan.

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Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

Jan Dibitanzl, František Cáb, Michaela
Kuříková, Vojta Kočí, Martin Včelák,
Mikuláš Křen, Aneta Bradáčová,
Eva Stejskalová Martin Hoffer, Oliver Torr,
David Herzig, Jan Drozda, Zbyněk Drozda,
Lenka Balounová a Lukáš Veverka

Special Thanks: 
Sára Drobíková, Michael & Nicholas Negroponte