Project vividbooks aims to make Science studies easier for children through augmented reality. Teachers print worksheets
through the app and hand them out to students. Students use a tablet to aim at the worksheet symbols which transform into moving interactive images. Users then redraw the learned content and confirm their understanding of the topic. Students may create a science textbook of their own by always keeping the filled worksheets. A complete 7th grade science book is available for free. It contains 47 animations copying the standardised education plan.

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Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

Jan Dibitanzl, František Cáb, Michaela
Kuříková, Vojta Kočí, Martin Včelák,
Mikuláš Křen, Aneta Bradáčová,
Eva Stejskalová, Martin Hoffer, Oliver Torr,
David Herzig, Jan Drozda, Zbyněk Drozda,
Lenka Balounová a Lukáš Veverka

Special Thanks: 
Sára Drobíková, Michael & Nicholas Negroponte


Vividbooks in
London Design Festival